From the ground up

Building updates

Work began in earnest today to cover the ceilings. Our plan is to use the Inteplast PVC siding on the angled portion. We will switch to painted wood for the horizontal part of the ceiling. We will also use painted wood for a trim around the top of the walls but that is a whole different story. Wait for it. ...

The insulation has to be covered and this is were the PVC siding donated by Inteplast Group comes into play. The hardest part is cutting out places for all the electrical outlets and switches. We are also working to separate the chapel area from the main room and create a small computer station and half-bath.

Our "gangway"


Tom and I used some of the donated PVC decking from Inteplast Group to build a landing with a ramp and steps to enter the porch area. The building, like the ships, needed a safe way to come inside.



With financial assistance from Formosa Plastics and Ineos Nitriles USA, we hired Garland Insulating to spray foam the buildings. In the long run, this should serve us well on the heating and cooling of the center. Many thanks to these two companies for helping us shoulder this expensive step.

It is no surprise to me that Inteplast Group in Lolita, Texas has stepped up to help us complete the interiors of our buildings. They are an amazing company that believes in helping their local communities. This week, they donated a large pallet of PVC sliding and a large bin of PVC deck boards. These materials will save us...

The electrical wires are all in place and we are collecting quotes on spray foam insulation, preferably closed-cell. This is more expensive than I would have ever thought but for the long term, it is probably best. It will only take one day for someone (not us) to insulate both buildings and then we can make more progress. The...

We have power!


After much to do, we finally have electricity at our new building.