From the ground up

Building updates

After some rain finally settled the dirt work behind the building, we planted 3 pallets of Bermuda sod. Our initial 12 days of watering have passed and rain is in the forecast. We will transform the eastern side of the center into a lovely backyard for relaxation and recreation.

We were happy to get all our major building done before the heat dome took over. There is still some work to be done but we are waiting for some rain and cooler temperatures. Long term plans include a basketball court in front of the building and a nice grass backyard on the east side. The ground is mostly...

We did not expect to change brand new LED light fixtures during the first couple of months. Yet, when one went out, we did not have much of a choice. Fortunately for us, we had friends in port and the ship's electrician took care of the issue.

Little things


The last week of June, we added a storm door to the office side. Some of the skirting was installed one morning in the shade.



June was the month for plumbing and the last major construction item. We managed to get it all done before our Episcopal house blessing on June 25, 2023.

Accordion wall


Installing the accordion wall makes it possible to create a separate space for our chapel area.

After the floor, it was fast and furious. We had to get moved in around the rain and prepare for Bishop Cahill and the open house. Getting open was an extremely busy time and very tiring. Finally, I am able to update the website. My apologies to all that checked back and found nothing new. When things are crazy,...

Thanks to our donors, we had enough money to get a fantastic floor, 100% waterproof vinyl plank, installed by professionals. What a relief for Tom and I. Plus, the contractor squeezed us in early to give us more time to complete final touches, move-in and even take a day off to rest. We are truly blessed.

The plywood sheets only weighed 12 pounds each but 4' by 8' is awkward for 2 people to carry up ladders and place overhead. Using wooden crutches to give us more hands, progress was slow. When loaned a drywall jack, things got much easier. Fourteen sheets went up and it was the definition of perseverance. We survived and it's...

It's been quite a learning experience for two of us to align 4'x8' sheets of plywood on our 9' ceiling. After 4 full sheets and 2 half-sheets, a friend loaned us a drywall jack. What a relief!