Those who are helping us succeed

Sponsors & Donors

We are thankful for the many people who have created or contributed to our Christmas-at-Sea gift program, the care packages, and all the other wonderful donations of books, puzzles, and magazines. Having simple items in-hand as we welcome ships to port shows our care and concern for their welfare. The seafarers know they are not invisible or forgotten.

We are also extremely grateful for the financial support we receive, and while some people wish to remain anonymous, others we list here. The order is random but the kindness is not. Every dollar we receive goes directly to supporting the seafarers. No money goes to salaries or benefits as our "staff" and board of directors are all volunteers.

Supported by The Mission to Seafarers

The Catholic Diocese of Victoria in Texas

Odfjell USA (Houston) Inc.

First Presbyterian Church of Palacios

Grace Episcopal Church of Port Lavaca

Formosa Plastics Corporation

Numerous crew members from the vessels we serve

Point Comfort Mooring and Marine Services

Wood Family Memorial Trust

North American Maritime Ministry Association

Port Lavaca Rotarian Mike McGuire

Peggy Baldwin-Clayton in memory of Rear Admiral Bill Clayton

Ineos Nitriles USA, Green Lake

Comfort Community Church of Port Lavaca

Inteplast Group, Lolita

The Trull Foundation

International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) Inspectors

Margaret Baldwin in memory of Jean M. Baldwin

Calhoun Port Authority

Matagorda Bay Pilots

Butler Consulting

Solvang ASA

Louise S. and W. H. Bauer Charitable Endowment Trust

Partners & Affiliations

We are not in this effort alone. We have signed agreements with local and international organizations that enable us to better serve the seafarers visiting the port in Point Comfort. We also maintain memberships in related organizations to receive training, guidance and network experience with other seafarer ministries. Visit any of these websites to learn more about supporting seafarers.